Comic Book Theme Wall Décor and Arts for Your Home

The comic book industry dates back to the 1930s where it has started as a pastime for the nerd culture. Thru the decades and years, it has evolved to become a culture of its own, with more and more people turning into enthusiasts. Today, the comic culture has become mainstream – more comic characters, more aggressive marketing strategies, readily available merchandise, and a growing diverse fanbase from the young ones to the older generation.

The influence of comic culture has become a lifestyle rather than just a hobby or pastime. Now, even interior designs in homes and pads feature various comic book theme arts and decors. If you’re one of the many comic book enthusiasts and looking to decorate or renovate your home with your favorite comic characters and stories, here are some awesome ideas to get you inspired:

Comic strip wall prints

Part of the thrill of being a comic book fan is going thru pages upon pages of comic strips that tell the adventures of a specific character. Relive this enjoyable experience by hanging comic strip wall prints at home. For example, if you’re a huge fan of the Dark Knight series, pick out your favorite scene in a volume and series, and have those printed and framed. From there, you can hang each framed wall art chronologically so it tells a story on its own.

Comic character mural

For that wow factor in your comic book themed interior design, go for a comic character mural wall. If you’re the adventurous type, put this up in the living room. Or if not, the entertainment/family room will surely come to life with your favorite comic characters. Make sure that the wall space is large enough to accommodate a mural, so it would look balanced. If the wall space is a big small or narrow, you can opt for wall decals instead. You can choose wall decals that fit right into smaller wall spaces and still achieve a cool aesthetics.

Vintage comics wall posters

Part of the thrill of being a comic fan is collecting any comic-related item that is considered vintage. And comic wall posters usually have a lot of vintage stuff. Whether it’s your favorite comic book story, DC or Marvel character, or anything related to comics, these are all available in wall posters. The key is to find the right artwork/s you want. And while authentic vintage wall posters can be quite hard and expensive to find, there are now designs that can be rendered in vintage finish. Yes, you can custom print a vintage design of your choosing. As to how you’re going to hang it on the wall spaces of your home, there are creative options too. You can frame it or alternatively, use pin buttons, clips, and even hangers. You can line it up on ledges, create a gallery wall, or even a multi-panel wall art. Either way, vintage posters create a luxury wall décor vibe perfect for even the discerning fan.

Whether you want to go big or just be subtle about your love for anything related to the comic culture, there is a piece of art work that’s just right for you. You don’t even have to have mad artistic skills to achieve a cool comic book-themed interior, just unleash the geek in you and you’re all set to go!