Playtech’s Batman Begins Slot Pays Homage to Frank Miller’s Work

The character of Batman is easily one of the most influential and respected characters to have ever appeared in comics or on the movie screens. The Dark Night whose main goal in life is to protect his beloved Gotham City from the villains of all shapes and sizes has been the inspiration for many over the decades.

However, there’s hardly been a person who had more influence in forming the immortal Batman legacy than Frank Miller, a comic book writer, film director, novelist, and screenwriter who is often praised for having completely reinvented Batman in his graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns.

Miller has thus continued the story of Batman, giving it a new life and inspiring many more to revisit the idea of the audacious but mysterious and secluded protector of Gotham City in a variety of new media forms. Among them is Playtech, a company that creates casino slots of the highest quality.

batman begins video slot

Batman Begins Again with Playtech

Inspired by the work of Miller and the 2005 movie of the same name, starring Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Katie Holms, and Liam Neeson, Playtech’s Betman Begins slot was released early in 2018, making its first appearance at Bgo Casino. As expected from this industry giant, the new slot came out featuring super-sleek graphics, original movie music, and a variety of movie characters featured on the reels set on the snow covered, ominous backdrop.

The game tasks player with joining Batman in his quest to defeat the notorious League of Shadows by trying to make as many winning combinations across this 5-reel and 20-payline slot. To help you in this task, the game offers numerous special features that are bound to keep your interest high and potentially result in some big scores.

The Temple feature will have the wild Flower symbols spread on the reels in a criss-cross manner, helping you form more paylines on the spin. Wayne Manor features petrol wilds engulfing the reels in flames, burning Bruce Wayne’s house to the ground and adding multiple extra wilds on the reels.

Then, there is the Batcave feature where the Batmobile wild will dash across the reels, leaving wilds behind and granting additional re-spins. The Arkham Asylum feature will have the Bat signal randomly appear on the reels, turning symbols into wilds and adding special win multipliers up to 50x.

Finally, the Monorail feature will take one of the nearby high paying symbols and have other lower-paying symbols transform into this one, increasing winning chances by a lot.

Where to Play

The Batman Begins slot is an interesting and different slot. Although it doesn’t feature any free spins or bonus games as such, there are plenty of special features in the game to make it worth your while. The game is available at Bgo Casino, an online operator welcoming customers from all over the world, including New Zealand players.

If you’re a fan of Miller’s work, simply enjoy the story of Batman, or are on a lookout for a new slot to try, this one will definitely not disappoint. With its great noir design and excellent background music, coupled with heaps of in-game features, Batman Begins will pull you straight inside its tense and exciting story of saving Gotham City from the evil-doers.