Lucky find!!

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Lucky find!!

Postby craig » Sun Jul 18, 2010 11:52 am

...not that I believe in luck....
Lemme start by sayin, as some o' ya already know, I'm a big Templesmith fan.
(But, who isn't, right?) Anyhow, when I found out in 2008(?) that IDW was releasin
that IDW: 1st 10 year Anniversary limited slipcase book, with 10 years of
IDW covers, and a Locke & Key key on the fronta the slipcase and it was gonna have
an exclusive comic in it with 5 stories by 5 of their flagship titles (Locke & Key,
Fallen Angels, Wormwood Gentleman Corpse, Zombies vs Robots, & Popbot
I thought that was great. All I was interested in was the "exclusive comic". And
then I thought about the price tag...$75. And I didn't need 10 years of covers, but,
I did want that comic. And, thus, after it sold out, I thought it was outta my hands....

Today, I find this (what i thought was an) IDW catalog with an Ashley Wood cover.
Mint. No bag or back. But, still mint. No bends, creases or anything! MINT! No price.
I ask the girl behind the counter, and she can't find a price or barcode either.
So, she asks MEEEEEE!!! "How much is an IDW title?" And I was like, "Ya mean
a comic?" Me, still thinkin it's a preview catalog comic or some free thing...
So she goes to the release wall to look for an IDW book, comes back to me and
says, "Well, how bout $2.99?" I'm thinkin, what the hell, it's got Templesmith
in it and I never seen it before...fine. So I get it for $3. I get home, and readin it,
I realize it's a Wormwood story I've never seen or heard of. So I try lookin the
cover up online.

Needless to say, I finally found the cover on the IDW site in an old announcement
that's a year old. And this book is it! The exclusive comic that was only sold in the
IDW slipcase book. AND, now there's a guy on Amazon sellin one for $30...aaah,
the little things! Also picked up a copy of IDW's Strange Science Fantasy #1.
Fantastic art and images in it! That's a pretty cool title I'm gonna start readin...
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Re: Lucky find!!

Postby moebius » Mon Jul 19, 2010 9:11 am

And then the store owner found out what she did and fired her. Not having a job and being unable to pay her rent, she was evicted and she now lives under a bridge waiting to see you drive by so she can throw her ragged copy of Richie Rich at you.
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Re: Lucky find!!

Postby craig » Mon Jul 19, 2010 1:48 pm

...yea...she's out there right 100 degree heat....
I drove by her cardboard home, which she was out in front of,
and my son and I waved.......just waved.......

I honestly don't think the owner even knew he had it.
It was in with regular books....still can't believe it....
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