Frank Miller Robocop/Stargate SG1 FCBD Edition

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Title: Frank Miller Robocop/Stargate SG1 FCBD Edition
Print: 1
Date: April 2003
Publisher: Avatar Press
Cover artist: Matt Busch
Cover price: Free
Description: The full official name of this book is Frank Miller Robocop/Stargate SG1 FCBD Edition. The FCBD stands for Free Comic Book Day. On May 3, 2003, several companies including the major ones like Marvel and DC distributed free comic books (through comic book retailers) to encourage reading. This comic was a preview book of 3 upcoming comics. FM's upcoming comic "Frank Miller's Robocop" slated for release in July 2003 is previewed inside. FM writes it, Steven Grant does the sequential adaptation and Juan Jose Ryp does the art. The book also previews the upcoming, "Stargate SG-1: POW" and "Species: Naked Aggression".
See Frank Miller Robocop for more info.

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Back Cover Pic of FM's Robocop